how to load raspberry pi’s desktop on your laptop screen?

Hello friends.,,,

here is the answer of following questions:

– how to connect raspberry pi to the laptop screen?

– how to start vnc server on the raspberry pi?

– how to use pi’s desktop from the your laptop?

-tutorial on raspberry pi’s desktop screen on your laptop screen.

I have update on the my previous post……that was only limited to raspberry pi’s terminal access through the putty.

But now i have new update that is the pi’s screen can be loaded on your desktop and u can also control your raspberry pi……like we are using in “Team-viewer” software……

So here is the solution:

Step 1:

1) U are in need of a software called VNCserver.

2) U have to download in your raspberry pi too. so for that follow the instruction shown below

– this steps are for….. if pi does not have a screen…..if u have hdmi or desktop screen u can directly move to point 3.

– As stated in previous post delete the ip address u have assigned to the pi in “cmdline.txt”(upto “rootwait”). and than connect the pi via LAN to your router.power up the pi…….(*with same power cable;))

– The router will automatically assign the IP addresh to pi….u can see it in your router’s DHCP client list……in which ever way u have to get the pi’s IP address….than and than only u can get the putty connected….

– Now start putty with that IP address (i was having….) login as: pi      password:raspberry(have u changed or not…want help than let me know)

3) now u have to install vnc server to pi for that u need to enter command:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

– install will take few moments….if it ask for any yes/no press “y”

Step 2:

– Once vnc is installed in raspberry pi u can disconnect your LAN from your router. and connect to your lepi. or u can continue with that connection also. but if u disconnect the LAN than u have to assign the ip to pi in “cmdline.txt” and open terminal as stated in previous post. no need to reload the image file otherwise u  have to install vnc again.

– To start vncserver to pi enter command to your terminal:

$ vncserver :1

– so it will start vncserver to your pi


– You will be asked to enter and confirm a password. This will be asked only one time, during one time setup. Enter an 8 digit password. Note that this is the password that you will need to use to connect to the Raspberry Pi remotely.You will also be asked if you want to create a separate “read-only” password – say no (n).

Step 3:

– Now the vnc server is running on the pi……u need to run your laptop’s vncserver…

– open the vnc server software and enter the IP as given below:    (“1” is the port which we have assigned to pi in command..see there)


– press “connect”….it will ask to continue….press it…


if you have enter the password than it will also ask for it…enter the password……hit ok….





Step 4:

-If u want to run this again u need to start at step 2……or if u want to start it on the startup than also let me know in comments……

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