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Install numpy for windows-64-bit in python

hey friends,,,,

here is the solution of :

1)How to install numpy in python?

2) Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<pyshell#0>”, line 1, in <module>
import numpy
ImportError: No module named numpy


3) numpy installation in 64bit windows.

4) install numpy by command-line: pip install

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Tutorial : Get started with Webiopi

hey Friends….. i m here to give a tutorialĀ on webiopi which is good tool/software to control the GPIO over the local area network/web on the raspberry pi….. Webiopi: internet of things framework… is the solution….

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how to load raspberry pi’s desktop on your laptop screen?

Hello friends.,,,

here is the answer of following questions:

– how to connect raspberry pi to the laptop screen?

– how to start vnc server on the raspberry pi?

– how to use pi’s desktop from the your laptop?

-tutorial on raspberry pi’s desktop screen on your laptop screen.

I have update on the my previous post……that was only limited to raspberry pi’s terminal access through the putty.

But now i have new update that is the pi’s screen can be loaded on your desktop and u can also control your raspberry pi……like we are using in “Team-viewer” software……

So here is the solution:

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